What Are The Best Tung Oil: (Top 5 Picks In 2022)

Looking for a top-notch drying oil that will add excellent water-resistant finish? Look at our list of best Tung oil. Tung oils are extracted from the tung tree seeds and they have been used for centuries as a waterproof finish. This very oil is a great alternative for other oil such as walnut, soy, linseed, etc.

Tung oils are very popular because they give good looking protective finish. Plus, they are very easy to use and is eco-friendly as well. However, below we have aligned the top 5 Tung oils of the market that has been satisfying the users for pretty long.

Have a look at them and you will see an in-depth review of them in the later sections as well.

What Are The Best Tung Oils?

Here are 5 of the best tung oils we found on amazon:

  1. Hope’s 100% Genuine Tung Oil
  2. Real Milk Paint Pure Tung Oil
  3. Real Milk Paint Dark Tung Oil
  4. Formby 30064 30064000
  5. Minwax 47500000 Tung Oil Finish

We didn’t choose these 5 tung oils randomly, they made their way to this list with their ability of performance. According to the users, they have been excellent and over time, have proven themselves to be worthy of investing. They add an excellent finish and the best part is, they are environmental-friendly.

5 Best Tung Oil Reviewed:

1. Hope’s 100% Genuine Tung Oil.

This is one of the best-selling tung oils of the market right now. A lot of users have used this oil and is using regularly because of its incredible finish and top-notch durability. With this model, you will get 100% pure tung oil, no mixing and it forms a low gloss hand-rubbed finish that looks very attractive. And if we talk about durability, you should not worry about that at all.

You can use this oil in all kinds of unfinished wood surfaces but make sure to apply in the surface where the oil finish has been removed. That will allow the oil to sit properly. It is a fully water-resistant oil so you can use that for outdoor furniture and small boats as well. The manufacturer has kept the price reasonable so that everyone can afford it. Overall, a great oil for all kinds of wood products.

The Pros

  • 100% pure.
  • Water-resistant.
  • It gives a beautiful look.
  • Hand rubbed finish.
  • No brush mark.
  • Best-selling model.

The Cons

  • The container is of poor quality.
  • Not secure around pets.

2. Real Milk Paint Pure Tung Oil.

The Real Milk Paint pure tung oil is a completely pure container of tung oil. By saying that we mean, there is no mixing in this model, there isn’t any kind of additive or distillates mixed so you get 100% genuine tung oil to tackle your task. There are other companies that offer tung oils that come with the mixture of petroleum distillates and those tung oils don’t perform as actual ones would. With this one, you wouldn’t get heavy or gloss finish. The oil will penetrate inside the wood that will create an incredible finish and will make the wood moisture resistant as well.

Whether it is a wood bowl, outdoor furniture, flooring, brick, concrete, countertops, wood sliding, etc. you can undoubtedly use this tung oil and will get the expected performance for sure. Moving on, this tung oil comes with no VOCs at all. And the oil does not get dark as time passes. The best part of this oil is, it is safe. If somehow it comes in contact with any food it won’t harm you, it is FDA certified. But it is still wise not to eat food that came in contact with such oils.

 The Pros

  • You get pure tung oil.
  • Makes wood water-resistant.
  • Usable on all kinds of wood surfaces.
  • You get a nice finish.

The Con

  • Doesn’t work well on concrete.

3. Real Milk Paint Dark Tung Oil.

The Real Milk Paint Dark Tung Oil is another version of the previous one. People who don’t want the finish to get darken with time, this is for those. Most tung oil gets darken with time which doesn’t look cool but with this one, nothing like that will happen. You can use it any wood surfaces but make sure the old finish is removed properly, otherwise, tung oil won’t be able to penetrate inside and make a strong bond with the wood. We have gone through a lot of reviews and so far all the users seem to be satisfied with the performance of this very Real Milk Paint Dark Tung Oil.

The Pros

  • Easy to apply.
  • Thick oil.
  • Genuine Tung Oil.
  • Won’t get dark.
  • Water-resistant.

The Con

  • Not for concrete.

4. Formby 30064 30064000 Low Gloss Tung Oil Finish.

The Formby 30064 30064000 Low Gloss Tung Oil is another easy to use oil for all kind of wood surfaces. Anyone can easily use this oil and it will give an incredible hand-rubbed finish. Once the tung oil penetrates inside the wood, it makes a highly strong bond with it, becomes a part of the wood. And also makes the wood water-resistant. This Formby 30064 30064000 tung oil is manufactured in China and according to the manufacturer, they have used 100% genuine tung oil, no mixture of anything else.

And that is the reason behind the strong durability. You can use the oil on restored finishes, it will give a nice look to that. Once applied, this oil forms a low gloss finish.

The Pros

  • Great finish.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Highly durable.
  • It comes with genuine oil.
  • Water-resistant.

The Con

  • Low amount of oil in the container.

5. Minwax 47500000 Tung Oil Finish.

And the last tung oil of the list, the Minwax 47500000 Tung Oil Finish. Another very easy to maintain the tung oil off the market. It penetrates the wood very easily and forms a strong bond. Not only that, once the oil gets inside the wood fiber that makes the wood look beautiful. Furniture, wood pieces, antiques, doors, cabinets, paneling, small boat, this tung oil can be used in all of them. It makes the wood moisture resistant that increases the lifespan of the wood. After 5 to 10 minutes of applying the oil, it should get dried. And is usable in both new and old wood surfaces.

The Pros

  • Easy to apply.
  • It makes a strong bond.
  • Usable on all kinds of wood surfaces.
  • It comes with a good smell.
  • Water-resistant.

The Con

  • Not genuine tung oil.

Why Should You use Tung Oil?

It is a natural drying exotic oil that is mostly imported from China and South America. It is a craftsman who goes to drying oil for antiques, furniture and other wood projects such as gun handle, wood gardening tools, etc. Most kind of finishes sits on the surface of the wood but Tung oil doesn’t do that. Instead, it goes inside the wood fibers, cures it and sits there strongly as a part of the wood.

After a while of applying this oil, it makes a low gloss hand rubbed fishing which looks incredibly beautiful. Not only the look, but it is also way too durable as well compared to other oils. Plus, it is moisture-resistant as well. Like others, it doesn’t require sanding and nor contains any mark of brushing. This oil can be used in every kind of wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tung oil used for?

When tung oil is applied on the wood surface, it penetrates inside the wood fiber, cures them and when dries, it makes a strong bond. The oil dries naturally and gives an extremely good looking transparent fishing. These oil makes the wood highly durable and makes them moisture-resistant as well. And that results in a longer lifespan of the wood. If we sum up, these oil is used for curing the wood and getting a good looking finish.

Is tung oil waterproof?

Yes, these oil is waterproof. And that is why once applied on the wood surface that becomes water-resistant. Having that said, not all tung oils in the market now are waterproof. There are a lot of brands that are selling the mixture of tung oil and those are no good. You cannot expect them to be fully water-resistant, only genuine tung oil is.

How long does tung oil last?

If applied well on the right material, they can last for more than 8-months. But according to the professionals, you should give this oil coating after every six months. So the coating will be stronger and the finish will look better. Plus, the wood will get stronger.

Does tung oil darken wood?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. Would the these oil darken the wood or not, the depends on the oil. There are some tung oils in the market which darkens the wood after a while. On the other hand, there are some tung oils in the market that doesn’t darken the wood with time.

Can you put tung oil over stained wood?

Though many people use these oil on stained woods the professionals are against it. According to them, you should not use tung oil on stained woods.


Time to wrap up! All of these are the best tung oil of the market right now. A lot of users are using these regularly and so far they seem to be good with them. And we hope you will be good with one of these as well.