How to change drill bit on a Ryobi drill?

Ryobi is one of the market leaders when it comes to power tools. Their drill machines are one of the most popular ones in town. If you plan to a Ryobi drill in the future, it is better to know a thing or two what you are getting. Or, if you already own one, then buckle up, and let’s see how to change drill bit on a Ryobi drill.

I have gathered almost everything you should know by now about these machines. From how to change drill bit to precautions to take when operating one, I have got you covered.

Without further ado, let’s start reading the article.

Operating a Ryobi drill

All Ryobi tools are made with great care and drill machines are no different. These machines are made with high-quality materials and excellent design. Not only are they easy to use but also they last a long time with proper care. Some drills come with non-conventional designs that make holding them very comfortable when working long hours.

If you choose the high-end models, they can withstand significant use and abuse at the worksite. Also, these products come with at least a year warranty. So, if anything unexpected happens, the company will have your back.

In short, these drills perform smoothly and the brand has a reputation you can trust. Operating these machines will give you an excellent sense of stability and convenience.

How To Change Drill Bit On A Ryobi Drill?

There are mainly two types of Ryobi drills, one that uses chuck key and another one is keyless. I’ll give out the step by step procedure for both types of drills.

Let us start with keyless Ryobi drills:

  • The first step is to hold the driver well and loosen the chuck. To loosen it, you will have to twist it counterclockwise.
  • Once you have loosened the chuck, the bit will get wobbly. You can comfortably pull it out of the drill then. A bit of advice, if the drill bit wears out or looks damaged, do not use it again.
  • Now get the drill bit you want to place on the drill. Put the shank of the bit inside the jaw of the machine. After inserting, pull it up and down to make sure it sits properly.
  • Loosely hold the bit in your hand and give the trigger a few short squeezes. It will tighten the bit into the place. Be extra careful when doing it as a tight grip can easily cut your hands.
  • Engage in ratcheting mechanism to put extra pressure on the shank. Just firmly twist the ratchet clockwise and that will do the job.

Now, let’s take a look at how to handle changing the drill bits on machines that has chuck key.

  • At first, you will have to insert the chuck key in the holes next to the chuck.
  • Adjust or align to the teeth on the chuck key and the chuck for a tight grip.
  • Once the key is in place, turn the key counterclockwise until the bit gets loose enough.
  • Slightly pulling the bit outward will now displace the bit.
  • Now insert the bit into the drill.
  • Hold it still with your finger while you turn the chuck key clockwise to tighten the grip on the bit.
  • Once you are done, push the trigger and check if it has fit right and you are done.

How To Drill With A Ryobi Drill Machine?

These drills are pretty easy to use once you get the basics. Once you are locked and loaded with the drill bit, let check out what you should do to drill a perfect hole.

  • At first, get familiar with the settings like where are all the buttons and what they do.
  • Insert the proper drill bit into the chuck.
  • Depending on the material and screw type, you will have to adjust the speed and torque for optimal results.
  • Choose the direction for rotation. A pro tip, you can utilize different directions of rotation to screw or unscrew besides drilling stuff.
  • Choose the action mode to drill, if your drill has these features.
  • Now point it to the spot, squeeze the trigger, and put pressure on the drill. Choose the forward rotation when going in, and reverse that when going out.
  • Most important of all is to make sure there aren’t any slippery hazards around you. Even a little slip can lead to a disastrous accident.

Safety Measure

You will need the best safety measures available when working with power tools and these drill machines are no different. A silly mistake or a careless step can lead to a very serious accident. You should abide by the safety rules to minimize the risk.

  • Always wear protective gear when drilling. These gears include gloves, goggles, earplugs to be on the list.
  • Ensure the chuck guard is always in position.
  • Always use the correct RPM and torque. Otherwise, the risk of bits wearing out or breaking increases significantly.
  • Do not try to exceed the capabilities recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not put excess pressure to drill hard materials. Take your time and adjust the speed.
  • Remember to cool off or properly lubricate the drill if you are using high-speed steel. (HSS)


How do you unlock a Ryobi drill chuck if it gets stuck?

Put on a glove, get a plier and clasp the teeth that are around the chuck. Turn the chuck counterclockwise while having one hand firmly on the vice grip. The bit by now should get loose or even drop out.

Can I drill with an impact driver?

Impact drivers are made for drilling holes. Having said that, if you have a proper bit you can make holes on light metal sheets and similar surfaces.

How do you unlock a Ryobi drill chuck?

Put in on unlock mode, grab the head real tight. Then try pressing the trigger. This trick works most of the time in the chuck get locked inside.

How do you put a drill bit in a hyper tough drill?

Unlock the head, put the drill base inside, and set it right. Press the trigger lightly and test if it holds well.

How do you remove a drill bit without a chuck?

Get rid of the cover on the head, place the bit in the chuck keyhole. You can now use the bit as leverage and put a screwdriver head between the gears to rotate it.


Ryobi is a market leader when it comes to power tools for a reason. Their products ensure high-quality performance and ease of use, and the same goes for the drill machines too. Once you get how they work, they are very comfortable to work with.

By now you not only know how to change drill bit on a Ryobi drill but also how to use it and what precautions to take. If you are planning to get one or own one already, hopefully, you will be able to use it to its full potential.

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