How to Put a Drill Bit in DeWalt Drill?

So, let’s teach you how to put a drill bit in DeWalt Drill. Before that, let’s briefly tell you what I’m talking about in case you can’t figure out whatever in the world I’m talking about.

How to do it

DeWalt drills come in various specifications. There’s the ATOMIC series, and there’s the XTREME series.

Regardless of the DeWalt series tool you have, how to put a drill bit in a DeWalt drill is quite simple. Here it is:

Step-1: Open the Chuck

The cylindrical part that can rotate in the front of the drill is the chuck, as I said before. It’s like the tip of a gun, only it rotates.

Rotate this chuck to open the jaws of the drill. The jaw is the part inside the chuck. You can see it on the tip of the drill, it opens up to take in the bit.

Step-2: Place the Bit

Place the shank, a.k.a the shaft of the bit inside. The bit must fit perfectly in the jaw.

Step-3: Set the Drill

The bit should be completely fixed by placing the directional switch. This switch is supposed to be right below the chuck and above the trigger switch.

Step-4: Tighten the Bit

Holding the chuck, push the trigger button. Make sure you do this in a way that the jaw gets tightened on the bit. Or you could try another way by holding the bit and turning the chuck with your hand until the jaw fits perfectly.

What are Bits?

Bits in a drill are the cutting part of the drilling machine. The good ol’ Joey from friends almost ran that through Chandler’s skull, yes that long, slender, round part was a ‘bit’.

Drill bits come in various sizes, types, and materials. Moreover, there are ‘drilling’ bits; which usually cut through the surface. You know, drilling walls, cutting through woods… family business! These bits of course have sharper ends to cut through the surface when a constant torque is applied.

There are also driving bits. Driving bits are placed on top of any screw or any other object that you want to drive into an already drilled hole. They usually do not have as sharp an end as drilling bits. They rather have ended like that of normal screwdrivers.

Regardless of the type of the bit, the body can be generally divided into three parts:

  1. The Shank
  2. The Body
  3. The Point


The shank is the part with which the bit is attached to the drill or driver. It is straight or tapered and blunt. It is built so that it smoothly runs into the chuck. 

Drill vs. Driver

Drills or drivers are both rotatory tools, essentially in the shape of a gun that is used to drive certain bits.

Now the difference usually persists in the way the bits are turned by these machines.

A chord-less drill is essentially a spinning object. The ‘chuck’ is the front part of the drill that you can rotate. A bit is adjusted using the chuck within a drill and fitted properly by rotating it. The motor of the machine will apply a constant torque to drive the bit through objects.

You can use a drill as a driver with the help of driving bits and people did too, for the longest time! However, a new tool has emerged called ‘impact drivers’. To cut it short, the difference with the impact drivers is that, they are short, but faster!!

The difference lies in the engineering between these tools that determine how the force generated by the motor is driven throughout the tool and applied in the work.

The impact driver has a ‘super Sayan mode if you will…because when resistance increases (and the tool senses it), it applies force in parts instead of constant torque. This is wonderful because it saves force transferring to your arm!! And it gets everything done 50x smooth and avoids a few annoying things from happening, my construction brothers will agree!

Things to Remember…

Remember a DeWalt Drill comes with a keyless chuck usually. You can find a lot of guides that suggest rotating the chuck key. But in the case of this drill, you would not have to rotate that.

Now if you are a beginner, you should know drill machines start with rotating motion. So, they wander away. This can be avoided if you start with a push towards the location where you want to drill.

It’s never a good idea to put too much pressure or force as this can damage the surface you want to drill.

Try to have a cleaner drilling area, clean out the crumbled bits.

Be careful about the bit size, larger ones are a bit messy. It is best to start with smaller ones and change bits to an increase in size each time.

Use a piece of duct tape on the surface. It reduces impact, essential for thinner surfaces.

For a cleaner hole in the woods, use high speed. This will prevent wood micro grains from sticking to the surface of the bit. On the contrary, use a slower speed to drill holes in metals but with more pressure (yes, use more force here rather than speed).

Some Tool Suggestions from DeWalt

The latest in the series of many drills and drivers from DeWalt is the DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Impact Driver. The specifications it has will blow your mind for sure.

But if you want both drills and drivers, you can consider their DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit. This has a drill and an impact driver and they are supposed to have 21% more efficiency as well!

To Sum Up…

If you’re building for yourself or work, you may prefer some tools that will give you ease of application. It is more important in the case of power tools like drills or drivers.

Knowledge of a tool is absolutely necessary. Whether it is the knowledge of fitting a bit into the drill, or which drill types are suitable for your work.

It is ideal to learn about the bit types before getting to work with them. Because sometimes, even if you are fitting the drill in perfectly, it may not work.

Be careful about the type of machine you select as well. It is not always wise to use drills as drivers.

Moreover, knowledge comes with experience. You learn how to put a drill bit in a DeWalt drill. As you work, you will get better at using a drill and drill bits, no sooner than you become a natural at it!

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