Jonsered Chainsaw Reviews – [Top 5 Picks For 2022]

In the hands of a proper woodsman o’ natural pursuits and woodcutting prowess, a chainsaw represents a tool of utmost genteel that can turn a tree into smaller woodstove-friendly logs which can warm the homes across the world.

Now, as popular they are nowadays, chainsaws were always around.

This, frankly speaking, monumental piece of lightweight hand-held machinery was first invented in 1830 by a German orthopaedist called Bernard Heine. Though this wasn’t really a woodcutting tool per se, it did herald in a new breed of contraptions that used a chain full of small blades and some sort of mechanism which makes it move in a circular motion. (The initial use of this tool was used for medical purposes – to cut through bone.)

Long story short, this contraption was adapted over time to be used in forestry, more precisely for cutting down trees, as well as partitioning it further once it’s down. So, the first ever one man-operated, hand-held chainsaw with a motor was developed by a Swedish company called Jonsered in 1954.

Since Sweden is a country with a massive amount of forested areas, cutting down trees for the various industries that use wood is one of the biggest tasks for a rural Swedish lumberjack. Thanks to the quality of the initial product as well as the great demand for this product among the local population, the Jonsered company grew immensely and now represents one of the most famous and trustworthy chainsaw brands in the world.

In this article, we’ll present to ye eager woodcuttin’ ‘n’ woodworkin’ eyes the crème de la crème of their rich roster of chainsaws!

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Jonsered Chainsaw

So, without further ado, here are our top 5 picks !

Top 5 Jonsered Chainsaw Reviews

1. Jonsered – CS2245

Featuring a tough and relatively simple build, the Jonsered CS2245 chainsaw is a power tool that can turn a block of wood into a pile of sawdust in no time. The interesting thing about this particular model is that the folks at Jonsered decided to make it eco-friendly, as well, so if you’re concerned about global warming, you’ll be happy to know that this machine reduces the harmful emissions by up to 75%!

In order to keep it running efficiently and without interruptions even if sawdust is flying everywhere about it, the Jonsered designers installed a special turbo air cleaning technology in the body of this chainsaw. This means that as much as 97% of sawdust won’t be able to enter the ‘bowels’ of the saw and potentially impair the performance of the motor! This, in turn, means fewer jams and reliable, continuous use.

Prominent Features

  • Fuel efficient
  • Vibration dampening
  • Insulated ergonomic handles
  • Quick-release covers

2. Jonsered – CS2245 Error

As the entry number 3, we’ve got a model that’s virtually the same as the model occupying the spot number 1. The only difference would be that this model is 18 inches long while the one above is 16 inches long. The additional length can come in handy for cutting tasks that include larger trees or otherwise thicker logs.

When it comes to the other specifications, they tend to all be roughly the same. You get the deal with insulated handles, environment-friendly engine that doesn’t emit too much harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and then there’s also the handy tool-free chain tensioner.

Prominent Features

  • Turbo air intake cleaning technology
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Fuel level indicator
  • Comes with a vibration dampening mechanism

3. Jonsered – CS2238

Last but not least, occupying the spot number 5 on our list, we’ve got a plucky little chainsaw that regardless of its size still packs a powerful punch when you need it to. As its name itself suggests, this model runs on fuel and it has 38 cubic centimeters of internal combustion space to make plenty of power for cutting down wood!

Similarly to all the internal combustion-based models from above, this model also boats excellent eco-friendly properties with its carbon footprint reduced by up to 75%. Thanks to its size, it handles beautifully and it allows you to maneuver around big and bulky logs easily.

Prominent Features

  • Fuel efficient and eco-friendly
  • Easy-starting fuel pump
  • Ergonomic and insulated handles
  • Lightweight and compact design

4. Jonsered – 58V Chainsaw

Representing the smaller variant of the model above, the Jonsered 58V model can be a perfect solution for folks who need a compact chainsaw for domestic use or cutting down thinner trees. Since this model is electric, it comes with a 58V 5.2 Ah battery (hence its name) which offers more than enough power to make this little power tool an efficient and reliable one.

The Jonsered folks didn’t spare any effort in the department of innovation, either. This plucky contraption comes with such niceties as automatic bar chain oiler, electronic chain brake, as well as a fast charger you can plug into your home power grid. Also, there’s an integrated power meter onboard, so you can always see exactly how much power it’s got left in its battery!

Prominent Features

  • No-tools chain tensioning
  • Electronic chain brake
  • Automatic bar chain oiler
  • LED battery life indicator

5. Jonsered – CS2250

Another Jonsered variation of their beloved CS22 chainsaw is the CS2250 model. Since these chainsaws fall in the line of internal combustion chainsaws, and the number ‘50′ at the end of its name suggests this model has got 50cc. (As opposed to the CS2245’s, well, 45cc.)

So, you’ll get a bit more power if you opt for this version rather than the ones above. Also, it’d be worth pointing out that this model is also 18 inches long as the previous one, so all the things we said about its merits for cutting down bulkier trees apply here, as well.

Prominent Features

  • Quick release covers
  • Insulated handles for comfort
  • Fuel gauge
  • 2-year limited warranty

All things considered, whichever of these Jonsered chainsaws you decide to go for, you won’t end up disappointed.  Thanks to the inventive designs and technological advances achieved by the engineers at Jonsered, buying one of their chainsaws means you’ll enjoy a product that’s easy to use, durable, and eco-friendly! What’s not to love?