How to Install Carpet on Stairs Without Tack Strips

Installing carpet without tack strips can be the easiest way if you know the right direction of how to install carpet on stairs without tack strips. Tack strips on the carpet damage the stair and carpet as well.

How to Install Carpet on Stairs Without Tack Strips

Why worry? Choose the best alternative way of carpeting stairs. I have brought to you the easiest instructions on how to install carpet on stairs with glue. Just follow the instructions attentively. Be familiar with the methods at first then go for it.

Let’s start.

Which method is the best for installing carpet on the stairs?

You will find two types of carpeting methods Hollywood method and the Waterfall method. You cannot install the carpet in both ways. At first, choose the suitable one for your home stairs.

Hollywood method

The Hollywood method is the most popular carpeting method due to its tailored finishing on the stair. It makes the carpet tighten to attach with the stair flat.

The stairs become visible with every edge and sides. Although this method makes your carpet looking good, the method is a little bit hard to follow. This method may consume longer to install.

Waterfall method

The Waterfall method is the simplest method of carpeting your home stairs. This method allows the carpet to look just like the waterfall.

This method drops the carpet straight down to the last stair from the top without confirming the back of the stairs. Besides, it does not show the edges and sides of the stairs.

This method is suitable for home but not for official stairs. The easy installation process has made this method popular.

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How to install carpet on stairs without tack strips

Step 1 Arrange the things below: Arrange the things below at first to make the installation process easy.

  • Measurement tape
  • Carpet padding
  • Utility knife
  • Staples
  • Carpet runner
  • Glue
  • Freshwater
  • Dump cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Glue gun

Step 2 Get a carpet: Go to the market with an experienced one to choose the best carpet for your home stairs.

Look at the quality, thickness, color, width, and length of the carpet attentively. Try to combine the color with your wall or anything else that can add some decoration.

Step 3 Clean the stairs: Clean the stairs with fresh water and vinegar. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the stairs.

Start from the top stair to swipe down the water below. After cleaning the stairs, let them dry in the air.

Make sure the stairs are dry enough to install the carpet.

Step 4 Measure your stairs eventually: Get the measurement tape to the top stair. Measure the stair vertically and horizontally.

Make sure, you have the right measurement to cut the carpet.

Any excuses in this measurement can ruin your money and the carpet as well.

Step 5 Cut out the carpet following the measurement: Get the utility knife or carpet cutter to cut the carpet smoothly.

Hold a side of the carpet and measure it following the previous measurement.

Listen: You can cut the carpet for each stair. Besides, you can install it as a whole in the stairs.

Let’s cut it in the right way. 

Step 6 Add glue at the top stair: Now, it’s time to install the carpet. Touch the stair to judge whether it is dry or not.

If dry then heat the glue gun. Start from the top stair. Spread the glue at the flat of the stair and let it dry a few seconds.

You should not melt too much glue at the stair. It may damage the carpet when in re-use.

Add the glue as a removable volume for the sake of the plan.

Step 7 Place carpet: Hold one side of the carpet to install it on the stairs. Place one side to the stair following the edges.

Cover the front edge at first. Get the left portion of the carpet to cover the back edge of the stair.

Follow this process in every stair. Make sure the glue isn’t too dry.

Step 8 Flat the edges with carpet runner: Use the carpet runner to flat the carpet on every side if you want the Hollywood style.

In the case of the waterfall style, just pay attention to the flat of the stairs.

Step 9 Staple the top and last stair: When you have reached the last stair, staple the edge of the carpet properly.

Make sure the carpet will not come away in a heavy fraction.

Step 10 Finishing up: Walk on the carpet and check out all the edges and sides of the stairs.

If you see any disorder in the coverage, then fix it now before the glue dries up completely.

Disadvantages of Using Carpet Hardware

  • Damage the stairs permanently
  • Not effective for reuse the carpet
  • Costly while buying the hardware
  • Time-consuming process
  • Not easy to install for the general persons

Advantages of not installing carpet with glue

  • Easy to install the carpets on the stair
  • You can customize every stair at any time
  • Less costly than other methods
  • Easy to follow the instructions
  • Does not damage the stair and the carpet as well
  • You can reuse the carpet after dishwashing

Bottom line

Be confident reading the article twice so that you may not miss a word. A silly mistake can ruin your money and time at the same time.

When you are in action, don’t forget to open up this article on how to install carpet on stairs without tack strips.