How to Stretch and Shrink Leather Gloves

Do not throw your old leather gloves.


Leather gloves have become essential stuff in daily life. From riding a bike to doing domestic work, leather gloves are the only protection for the hand.

You must need to put on before doing hard work for safety. Safety is the first priority. Gloves may help you protecting from cold and keeping apart from unwanted danger as well.

Leather gloves may lose their fitness. You know how boring is this if you get extra lose gloves. We operate anything with our hands only. We use gloves very often in our domestic work.


Are you worried about your unfit leather gloves?


You are in the right place to know the steps of how to stretch and shrink leather gloves properly.

I have enclosed all the instructions gradually.


Read the article thoroughly and fix your leather gloves at home.


What do you need to stretch and shrink leather gloves


A bowl

Get a bowl to pour water. You may need hot or cold water to shrink the leather gloves.


You can use your kitchen stove to burn the water.


Water is the main equipment to stretch and shrink leather gloves. You may need a lot of water. So try to store up huge water.


Hosepipe will help you to use water smoothly. To use the pipe you may need a Compressor. To stretch the gloves, you need water force. You can follow an alternative way if you don’t have a hose line system at home.  

Spray machine

Instead of a hosepipe line, you may use a spray machine. You can buy a spray machine at your local market.


How to stretch leather gloves


Step 01: Spray water to your gloves: Spray water to your gloves with a hose. If you don’t have a hosepipe system at your home, spray water with something else instead. Make sure that the water has a force towards the gloves you are spraying. Spray water as long as the gloves get wet. You can see the water is dropping down through the gloves. Spray for 5 to 10 minutes. Remember, the water is cold or below 29 Degree Celsius.

Step 02: Move down the gloves to flow down extra water from the gloves: Just turn down the gloves to let the water drop down from the gloves. The gloves should have any extra water. Do not twist the gloves. Twist may damage the fiber and leather. Just wrings the gloves several times and make sure there is not water into the gloves.

Step 03: Put on the gloves: Put on the gloves when it is damp. Slide in your fingers strongly to stretch the inner space of the gloves.

The more you pressure on the gloves, the more the gloves stretch. You may feel the damp condition of the gloves. Do not put off the gloves before 1 or 2 hours. Let the gloves dry up in your hands. If you feel a little bit tight, put on the gloves again in the same process and stay a little longer.


How to shrink leather gloves


Step 01: Get a bowl of water: Get some normal water into your stove and burn it. At first, you have to boil water. Pour the right amount of water sufficient for your gloves. Make sure that, the water is not too hot that the extreme temperature may burn your leather gloves. Put your finger on the burning bowl. If you can hardly touch the water, switch off the stove.

Step 02: Mix cold water to ensure the right temperature: Pour some cold water into the bowl. Mix up the cold and hot water together. Remember, don’t pour much water. Much cold water may damage the effect of bowl water.

Step 03: Submerge the gloves into the water: Now you are ready to drown the leather gloves. Before drowning, the leather gloves make sure the water is ready to shrink your gloves. Touch the water for a final time to measure the temperature. Now submerge the gloves with your both hands properly. Make sure that gloves are underwater. Let the soak water for 5 to 10 minutes underwater.

Step 04: Take off the gloves from the bowl: Look at your watch. After 10 minutes, take out the gloves from the bowl. Jerk the gloves when you are taking out the gloves. Squeeze the gloves by your hands. Do not twist the gloves. It may damage the fiver. Just grab the center smoothly and press. Be sure, no water is dripping from the gloves.

Step 05: Squeeze the gloves with a clean towel: Get a clean cotton towel. The cotton towel absorbs water quickly than any other cloths. As you cannot twist the gloves, you have to release water before using the gloves again. Open the towel. Put the gloves into the center. Press and hold for a few minutes. The towel will absorb the water fully.  

 Step 06: Put it on open space for air-dry: Open the towel the get the gloves into the open space. Make sure that there is no direct sunlight.

Let it stay in the open air. The leather gloves will dry up in the air. As long as you keep the leather in the air, the gloves will be smarter.

Step 07: Try your shrunken leather gloves: Put on the shrunken leather gloves for the first time. You will have a magical experience just like the new one. You may see some color changes in the gloves due to using hot water. 

What to remember operating the methods

Do not bowl the water in extreme heat.

Do not spray the gloves with high speed. Maintain a normal speed when you are stretching the leather gloves.

Hot water may damage the color of your gloves. Before using a hot eater, think about the color.

Dry up the gloves in the open air so that it can shrink naturally.

Make sure that you have read the article gradually and know the instruction well.