How to use and program CNC router

Operating or programming a CNC router for the first time can be like a fairy tale. CNC router is not just a tool rather a package of the tool. You can say CNC router a power source to operate to control other heavy tools.

Do not miss a single word to get how to use and program CNC router. I am not assuring you that you will be an expert operator after reading the article. However, you will have a complete idea to operate the router.

How to use a CNC router

Operating a CNC router for the first time can be like a bolt from the blue. A CNC router requires an expert person to operate all the necessary filed perfectly.

Expert suggests that if anybody wants to operate a CNC router, he must have the basic knowledge about cutting objects.

Let’s dig into deep:

I have categorized the major sections of the router so that you can learn the essential parts easily.

Control software

Software is the heart of this CNC router. You have to learn the software very well. The software controls the entire machine. You may find different sections of the software divided working segment-wise.

Synchronization between the sections is the main issue to cope up. Here you have to learn such as uploading files, loading, homing, jogging, and many other things.

CAD software

Among the subsidiary software CAD is the most preferable software. You must know how to draw on CAD. In the case of cutting or design any object, you have to draw the pattern on the software.

You can use also a G-code to direct the order. Using CAD can be easier than G-code in this regard. On the other hand, drawing G-code by hand is an antique technique. You may not get the actual result using G-code.

CAM software

After drawing the pattern on CAD, you must generate the pattern to be followed in the CNC router. CNC router recognizes only the CAM patterns. You know its all about codes. You have to prepare the order in the sense of the CNC router.


G-code is the only language that the CNC router understands. Whatever you do, you have to generate the codes into G-code. Learning G-code is very easy and time saver.

Although people used G-code drawing by hand, you can use CAD software to generate G-code easily. Remember, after finishing the drawing on CAD, you must be sure that the patterns are ready to go. What you draw on the software will be the order to the CNC machine.

Work holding

Work holding is the important part operating a CNC router. After completing the tasks above, you have to make the holding platform perfect.

Different types of tools may help you to hold the object that you are about to cut or design. A vacuum is a good stuff to hold the work. You must keep other related stuff also because a vacuum is not useful for certain tasks.

Feeds and speeds

Here, you have to direct the router how fast the router will operate and what strength the router will use as well. This is a serious stage.

In the case of anything-wrong direction in the speed and strength, you might break a tool. You know how costly the tools are. Know your object carefully that you are going to carve and the tools as well.

Before entering the operating stage, you must watch out the parts of the machine that I have discussed already.

Be sure that you know CAD, CAM, G-code, and the actual speed. Do not forget to be careful at the work holding stage.

How to program a CNC machine

Programming a CNC machine is the most complex part of the machine. Computer and numeric codes have made the process a little bit easier. CNC machine is a complete package of computers, CNC machines, and other tools. Ability to understand G-code can help you do the work faster.


G-code is the only language that a CNC machine requires. Experts have been using G-code until the very beginning of the CNC machine. Learning G-code is easier than other software.

Being an old language, an expert on G-code is available in almost every industrial area. Anybody can learn to program a CNC machine with G-code with some simple codes and directions.

Here, you have to learn at first G-code blocks. Some blocks are G01 X1 Y1 F20 T01 M03 S500. You have to use these blocks to program a CNC machine.


CAD is application software. It has multiple uses. In Architecture, experts use CAD to draw different shapes calculating the size, depth, materials, and many other things. In the present age, CAD has become an essential part in the technical area.

Learning CAD can be also easier. You will find a bundle of videos on the net to watch with the proper instruction. There is a little limitation also. After creating the patterns on CAD, you have to generate G-code using other applications.

You cannot direct a CNC machine directly using the CAD. Here, at first, simply you have to draw the areas that you are going to cut or design.


CAN is a subsidiary application. You can call CAN as a G-code generator. The patterns that you have created on CAD put into the CAN. It will generate the pattern into G-code in a while.

The CAN application generates accurate G-codes. You have to find the operating process of CAN at first. The operator can change the command in a while using CAN.

The main advantage you are getting from here that you can use a single computer to pattern and generate G-code at the same time. The only limitation of this software that you have to check the codes before you operate the machine.

I would suggest you learn G-code. You can choose CAD also. Knowledge of G-code will encourage you to operate the job perfectly. 

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Bottom line

To know the use of a CNC machine you can visit a lab at first. Observing an operating CNC machine may help you to get a simple idea.

You can hire an expert to learn the programming CNC machine. Learning from an expert is better than surfing on the net. An expert operator knows the real picture of a CNC machine including a computer, G-code, tools, and other stuff. They can provide you a clear picture of a real working machine.

Scroll up to learn how to use and program the CNC machine again. The more you learn the more you get from the article. If the article is interesting and helpful to you, share it with your dear one.

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