When Did Power Tools Become Popular?

Humans use tools from the beginning of time, but all through our history, our ability to perform chores and tasks was limited by our power and vitality. Since the ancient Egyptians started using hand-powered lathe a long time ago, humans have managed to complete some difficult tasks like building and assembling easier, quicker, and more efficient using power tools.

The World’s First Power Tool

The world’s first power tool was developed by the German Engineering company C&E Fein by combining the capacity of an electric motor with a manual drill in 1895. The heavy drill weighed 16.5 pounds. But the machine was not easy to use. It was powered by a large but a less power DC motor. The motor did not produce sufficient rotations. The operator has to use his both hands to operate the drill. The user has to lean against a chest plate at the top the drill in order to help press it onto the working surface.

After 20 years of the invention of the first power tool, someone managed to improve the design. In 1910, a worker named Duncan Black sold his car for 600 dollars and used the money to start a machine shop with his friend Alonzo Decker in Baltimore. In 1914, they decided to improve the C&E Fein power tool by adapting the design of the Colt .45 automatic pistol. They began producing their famous pistol-grip electric drill in the year 1916. All modern electric drills have been descended from this Black & Decker pistol grip drill. The drill was not only lighter it includes a powerful DC motor, and one person can easily operate the drill. Black and Decker were soon followed by a lot of companies with their own power tool ideas.

In 1923, the world’s first radial arm saw was invented by Raymond DeWalt. The arm saw is made of a sliding circular saw that could make long and deep cuts with accuracy. He later established DeWalt power tool Company in Baltimore, Maryland.

Founded in the year 1915, Japan’s Makita Corporation has developed and created some cordless, battery powered power tools. The hand-held drill is a notable creation of the Makita Corporation. Makita now manufactures over 350 various kinds of power tools.


As developed and developing nations are becoming more technology-driven, the power tool industries are trying their best to meet the standards and expectations. Power tools have now become easily affordable. Though there are still some tools that cannot be modernized or developed even today, e.g.,  Hammer.