The Lotos Technology TIG140 TIG/STICK Welder – Review

The Lotos Technology TIG140 is a compact TIG and stick welder with great features. It is small, comes in an electric blue color, provides DC stick welding abilities and decent power.

It is an inverter lift start welder that is highly recommended for its portability and efficiency. It incorporated IGBT creating a useful tool for welding copper, metal and stainless steel.

It has both 120V and 240V capabilities and a clean powered generator. It is perfect for home improvement projects for moving around the house and for those who need a welder for welding copper and other materials.

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The Lotos Technology TIG140 Specifications

This model of the Lotos welder comes with a TIG torch, a stinger, collets, clamps, and a conversion plug to plug into any outlet. It also comes with a mask and chipping hammer in a sturdy container when it arrives in the mail. The TIG140 welds copper, stainless steel and metal. It is recommended for 110 volts and uses DC power course. It is lightweight and only weights about 10 pounds.

Below are the specifications:

  •  Product Dimensions: 20 by 13.5 by 12.5 inches
  •  Weighs 9.9 pounds
  •  Best Used for: copper, stainless steel, or metal
  •  Product made from: Metal and plastic, black and electric blue color
  •  DC Power Source
  •  TIG and Stick welder
  •  110 V
  •  Shape: Cube

Feature of Lotos Technology TIG140

  •  This tool features an input voltage of 110v to 220v and a dual frequency (50HZ/60HZ): 30.71 at 110V and 25.5A at 220V
  •  It features a 140 amp; DC IGBT
  •  This TIG/Stick welder has a rated duty cycle of 35%
  •  It is multi-purposed because it has both a stick and TIG function PLUS it can weld different types of materials
  •  It is best used for copper materials, steels such as stainless steel and ferrous steel plus other metals
  •  Its welding capacity is mild and stainless steel from 18 gauge to ¼”
  •  It is packaged nicely and comes with some good accessories in the package such as a ground clamp, brush, mask and shield and a pigtail, plus much more.
  •  It is only 10 pounds, portable and lightweight.

The Best Feature It Has to Offer:

The main advantage of purchasing this model of welder over other Lotos welders are: the price, the size, and the capabilities. That’s a lot to list but first and foremost it is a portable welder which is great for professionals who need to move around a lot, for hobbyists who don’t want to use a heavy and bulky welder and anyone who needed a portable welder. It works for a variety of professionals and customers because it still has a decent amount of power for its size. It is not the most powerful welders but it 110v is enough (it offers up to 220v) and this welder matches your price point then it is a wonderful option.

Best benefit

It is definitely a best seller on Amazon due to the size, the price and the whole package. These are the same features that are listed as “best features” and the customers online agree. It makes a great buy for amateurs or new hobbyists because it is affordable and easy to get used to handling. It has power and the product features for more experiences welders as well. Customers love how handy it is and how smoothly it runs.

Is It the Welding Product for You?

The TIG140 is a must-have for anyone who needs a handy and efficient TIG and stick welder. If you are in the market for a welder with other options and want something small and easy to carry than it is for you.

It is also a perfect fit for those who need a welder for copper material. It welds copper, stainless steel and other metals but if you need a clean bead while welding copper than this is a good fit since a lot of general welders are best suited for only metal materials and sometimes aluminum.

Pros and Cons:


  • Lightweight body.
  • Cube shape.
  • Accessories.
  • Clean bead when welding.
  • Carrying strap included and very portable.


  • Not as powerful as other models.
  • We suggest using 30 amp break under 110V.
  • Doesn’t have an option to weld aluminum.

Customer Score (Amazon):

Customers like the usability: long cables, simple handling, solid TIG torch, lightweight body. They also mention that it is a great starting welder but works for most users as well.

Concluding this Review:

To conclude, the Lotos Technology TIG140 TIG/Stick Welder is very recommended. The pros of the tool include size, price and handiness. The cons include power but there are not much to mention considering the price.

It holds a steady arc and gives a clean bead. Customers love it and there are plenty of reviews and how-to guides to look up online to learn more. It is much more affordable than a lot of welding tools. This welder has dual TIG and Stick options and is ideal for welding copper, stainless steel and metal. The package comes with the TIG torch, a stinger, collets, ground clamp, and a mask plus other accessories all in a sturdy package.