LTP6000 Lotos 60 Amps Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter LTP6000 – Reviews

In the age of top technological developments, tools and working equipment of all sorts have come a long way. Long gone are the days when workers forged iron just with the use of a sledgehammer and fire.

Plasma cutters have become unquestionable stars of today’s metal fabrication process. However, not all cutters are the same and the various products available on the market under the name “plasma cutters” will all be equally different.

Whereas industrial fabricators –factories- make use of robotically-controlled cutters, individual welders will need high capacity handheld cutters. However, and once again, not all handheld plasma cutters are equally powerful, nor have been designed to meet the same needs.

On the one hand, hobbyists will typically find professional cutting equipment both too heavy and complex to deal with, as well as too pricey for a pastime. Consequently, there are smaller plasma cutters available to those who need to deal with light cutting.

Professional metalworkers on the other hand, will need heavy duty, high-quality performance cutters that can do the job with efficiency and reliability.

The LTP6000 Lotos 60 Amps Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter LTP6000 is one such tool, created and designed to meet the needs of the most demanding of workers.

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LTP6000 Lotos 60 Amps Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Review

Product Specification

  • Weight: 40.7 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 23.8 x 16.9 x 13.2 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Installation Method: tig-welding
  • Output: Current 20-60A Duty Cycle @ 40C (104F) 60PCT @60A 100PCT @40A
  • Input: Voltages 200-240V, 1PH, 50/60Hz; Current 200-220V, 1PH, 30A

Product Features

  • This equipment includes power supply, cutting torch, consumables, ground clamp, air filter and connections needed for regulator.
  • This cutter is suitable to be used for alloy steel, stainless steel, mild steel, copper and aluminum, plus many more types of metals.
  • Comes equipped with pilot arc feature, which is especially useful for cutting painted, coated, rusty or dirty metal. The arc, which has become highly popular, is activated on high frequency. This function allows for a cleaner, more consistent cut regardless of the type of metal surface and the condition in which the material has been kept and without the need of spending precious hours on boring metal cleaning procedures.
  • This Lotos model includes CNC cutting feature, which allows for a more detailed cut of both thick and thin metal sheets. This feature is particularly useful for decorative metalwork, such as commercial and residential signage, address signs, wall art or outdoor garden art.
  • Round twist lock plug included in the machine.
  • The Lotos 6000 can cut 1-inch plates –although not as neatly as the ½ inch ones. However, when operated more slowly, this cutter is able to deal with much wider metals than expected.

Why People like it: A Matter of Might

The most outstanding feature of this plasma cutting machine is its performance. Powerful and durable, the Lotos is more than you could expect from a cutter under $1,000. In other words, most professional heavy-duty cutters cost a couple of thousands. Nonetheless, although well-made and carefully-designed, this Lotos is much less expensive than similar models on the market.
Several reviewers have reported using this machine for long hours, day after day without this being detrimental to performance in any way.

Why Users like it

The aforementioned reason still remains to be the first motivational force that leads buyers to pick the Lotos LTP6000 over other products. Some share their thoughts on the piece’s performance quite accurately when they say that they bought it just to give it a try with some kind of home project, and ended up using it for several other more demanding tasks, as well.
This, together with its convenient pricing, has made this product an Amazon best-seller.

Who needs the LTP6000 Lotos 60 Amps?

  • This piece is far more flexible in use than many other plasma cutters. For one thing, it can be used by hobbyists who do more than the average amateur metalwork and want to make sure that their cutter will resist a heavier use.
  • Secondly, it can be used by professional welders who need a portable hand-plasma cutter that will allow for transportation and maneuverability. Even when this Lotos model is not quite the type of machine a professional workshop will use, it has been put to the test by various cutters who choose it because of its performance and portability.
  • It will be chosen over heavier equipment in the event of a job that must be done on-site, for instance. Also, it may be useful for more delicate and precise work, particularly for those tasks that need more precision and further detail.
  • Finally, many people are choosing it because this Lotos model is easier to operate than similar equipment and because the outcomes are noteworthy, especially when the metal is either rusty or has been previously painted. According to reviewers, much time is saved by skipping the tedious and menial task of cleaning the surface that is going to be cut. Thanks to the Pilot Arc feature, this step is no longer needed.

Why should you buy the LTP6000 Lotos?

  • First off, the blue finger of the plasma cutter can cut about anything, even 1-inch metal sheets.
  • Secondly, the machine is easy to operate and simple to move around, thus enabling maneuverability and transportation.
  • Easy installation process is a must for the busy worker.
  • It does not need much space, unlike heavier equipment that calls for more room.
  • It is durable and practical.
  • Pricing is convenient.

Why not? Product Disadvantages

  • This Lotos model is said to wear out consumables quite fast. However, several reviewers have shared their experiences on how to make this material longer –lasting.
  • Instruction manuals appear not to be very clear. On the brighter side, the equipment is fairly to use, so it is easy to predict the instructions.
  • Warranty is not absolutely clear. Although it does last for 1 year, customers are requested to pay for transportation to and from, which makes it highly expensive for most people.
  • For heavier industrial use, the equipment may not be strong enough.

What People are Saying: Customer Score

Generally speaking, customers are satisfied with the performance of this cutting machine. About 80% of customers have shown their satisfaction with this equipment and its performance.

 So, what’s the word?

  • People have expressed their happiness at the equipment’s overall performance and durability. Both practicality and portability come first among the most widely-valued assets.
  • Some others however, are happy to learn that it is possible to have a long-lasting plasma cutter at such a low price when compared to similar products available on the market.
  • Finally, many customers are satisfied with the cutter’s overall performance is various tasks. They particularly value the product’s capacity to deal with various types of treated and untreated surfaces so effectively, consequently limiting the time devoted to cleaning and preparation.
  • To conclude, the LTP6000 Lotus machine makes a wise purchase for those who need more than just a light cutter, but who are not willing to spend a small fortune on this type of equipment.