Klutch ST200i Review

The welder has been designed into a lightweight and compact tool perfect for using on-the-go or for taking around the house on multiple projects.

Even though it is compact, it still offers 200 amp DC like many welders two or three times its size.

In fact, it is almost half the weight of a traditional welder. This model has an inverter-based system which uses a smaller sized transformer for the power output.

Anyone looking into this specific product by Northern Equipment for use on their automotive projects, home improvement tasks and hobbies can definitely give this tool a try and start by reading this review to get a good idea of what it has to offer.

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Review Klutch ST200i


  • Welds Up To ⅜ inch hard surface
  • 200 Amp
  • Stick and TIG welder
  • 230v
  • Electrode size of 1/16-5/32 inch
  • 6 foot power cord included
  • 6 ½ foot clamp included
  • Electrode cable length of 6 ½ feet
  • Infinite amperage adjustments (with digital readout)
  • Dimensions: 15 by 6 by 11
  • Single phase
  • Duty cycle: 15% at 200A
  • Welding Amperage Range: 20 – 200 DC


  • Super lightweight: almost half the weight of other models
  • Increased power options
  • Inverter technology for great DC weld and handling of fluctuations in input power
  • Small amount of input power needed
  • Hot start feature

This item is currently unavailable you can choose other klutch products if you like. 

The Best feature

The best feature of this tool has to be that it is so lightweight.

It makes it so easy to move around with and even climb up a ladder to take it to work.

The shipping weight is 20 pounds and the welder is closer to around 10 pounds.

It is about 50% lighter than traditional welders and uses 25% less overall input power than other models.

It also has a great quick start feature which makes it easy to restart after every rod.

Best benefit – Why it is the best seller in many market place?

The Klutch ST200i is a best seller on the market because it is affordable for anyone who needs a portable welder with lots of power.

It is a quality tool with great features and accessories included so amateurs and hobbyists can afford a reliable welder without spending a fortune.

It is a top product on the “Arc Welding Equipment” section in Amazon for its portability and usability.

Who Needs This Product – And When

Anyone who is in the market for a quality welder for stainless steel, steel, cast iron and hard surfaces up to ⅜ inch can get great usage out of this product.

It leaves a good bead and has awesome features and usability to it makes a great welder for lots of people.

Anyone who needs a portable and lightweight welder should also check out this product because often welders can be upwards of 50 pounds whereas this model is approximately only 10 pounds.

Overall Score and Customer Reviews

It does not have dozens of reviews like many other welding tools on Amazon but it does have some helpful and genuine comments and ratings on Amazon and other websites to help any user weigh the pros and cons of this tool.

They mention it is a fraction of the price compared to other welders but still has top quality and usefulness for hobbyists and welders. Overall, customers recommend the product.

Accessories and Other Products:

The Klutch ST200i sitck/TIG welder comes with a total of four accessories included. These are:

  • Stick/TIG inverter
  • Welding cable
  • Electrode holder
  • Ground cable and clamp

Concluding the Klutch Welder Review

In conclusion, this is one of the most lightweight and portable welders available for purchase. That is a huge advantage for many welders.

Not everyone is going to need a lightweight welding tool as a top priority but some definitely prefer it that way because they can move around with the tool. And the best part is that it doesn’t compromise the quality and power at all.

The tool has a 200 amp DC converter stick and can weld stainless steel, steel, cast iron and other hard surfaces.

It comes with the power cord and clamp cable included in the price. It features a quick start option, portability and quality DC weld output.

It has great Amazon reviews and costs a small portion of what bigger welders can often cost.

Reviewers chose it for the price and the fact that it weighs much less than typical welders.


  • A big pro of the Klutch ST200i is the price and weight.
  • That is what makes it a best seller.
  • Another pro is that is requires less input amperage and creates clean welds.
  • Overall it is a good product as a TIG and sticks welder.
  • A cons is that this welder cannot plug into a 110v power source It is a 220V unit which can be too much for some hobbyists.