Top 5 Best Portable Socket Organizer | Buying Guide & Reviews

Socket wrenches are a highly important tool for the craftsman and contractors. And there are a lot of sockets of different sizes which can get lost very easily if not organized well. If you are someone who works with socket wrenches, then you definitely want something that will keep all the sockets protected and organized so that you can get quick access to them whenever you want.

And besides that, wouldn’t it be great if something enables you to carry all your sockets very conveniently with you? It will surely be great!

We are talking about portable socket organizers.

They look good, comes in different capacities, and easy to carry. We have presented 5 best portable socket organizers of the market. If you want to spend your money on the ideal socket organizer, don’t forget to have a look at these models.

You will thank us later!

Our  Favorite 3 Portable Socket Organizer

  1. Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Trays
  2. Olsa Tools Portable Socket Organizer Tray
  3. CASOMAN 80-Piece Portable Socket Organizer Tray

5 Best Portable Socket Organizers Reviews

1. Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Trays

How many sockets do you own? You would be owning a lot if you are a professional but if the number exceeds 58?

Maybe no!

If that is so, we suggest this Osla tools socket organizer tray. One of the finest socket organizers of the market. People who have used socket organizers before, they know big capacity socket holders like this isn’t widely available (Though Olsa has another model which holds more than 58 sockets, coming up next). Having that said, due to increased demand other manufacturers are making big capacity organizers.

This Osla organizer comes with three pieces of socket holder, each holds 16 sockets and in total 58 sockets which is a lot. The suitable socket sizes for this organizer are ½-inch, 3/8-inch, and ¼-inch. You won’t have to give effort to organize all your sockets in these holders.

These organizers are integrated with three different sized clips and ball bearings. And these are what does the magic of holding all the sockets securely in tough conditions. The clip sizes are 24 ¼-inch, 18 3/8-inch, and 16 ½-inch.

The manufacturer has used top-grade anodized aluminum rails, ABS clips which are impact-resistant and steel made ball bearings. The materials were used are top-notch just make the final product worthy of investment. These are indeed very durable socket organizers, no doubt about that.

Since all the materials used are up to the point and so is the performance of the product. Good quality will require good money, it is so obvious. We have seen some people complaining about the price, it is true it comes at a high price but it delivers proper value as well. With the money, you get the best organizer and in the long run, you are the one who will be winning.

If you are looking for a top-quality portable socket organizer, go with this Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Tray without any doubt. This is one of the best you would find in the market right now. It will hold all your sockets securely and will last very long.


  • Great socket holding capacity.
  • Very easy to put on sockets.
  • Holds very securely even in rough conditions.
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • Looks pretty cool.


  • People find it a little expensive.

2. Olsa Tools Portable Socket Organizer Tray

Another one from the mighty Olsa. This organizer tray is bigger than the previous one. The capacity of the previous one is 58 sockets and now this one pushes the limit to really high. It comes with 80 sockets holding capacity. The suitable socket sizes are ¼-inches, 3/8-inches, and ½-inches.

It features three drives of 20 ¼-inches, 30 3/8-inches, and 30 ½-inches. Doesn’t matter what the situation is, your sockets will be tightly held by this organizer. Putting the sockets is very easy and accessing as well. It is extremely portable and comes with a handle as well which makes carrying even easy and comfortable.

For up to the point performance, the manufacturer has used ABS socket clips and top-grade steel backing. The heavy-duty construction makes this a very durable socket organizer, it will serve for a long period. Having that said, it is not constructed as heavily as the previously reviewed Osla 58 socket capacity organizer, so the lifespan might be less than that.

One thing we want to warn you about when using this socket organizer make sure you do not pressurize the socket holder. It is made of thin metal which can get bend very easily with little pressure. As long as you make sure that no external pressure gets into that, there wouldn’t be any issue.

It is priced pretty reasonably, everyone should be able to afford this very organizer. However, if you need a bigger socket capacity, don’t hesitate to go with this very socket organizer, you will be satisfied.

The Pros

  • 80 socket holding capacity.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Holds every socket securely.
  • High-quality materials constructed.
  • Reasonable price.

The Con

  • The metal holder is prone to get bend.

3. CASOMAN 80-Piece Portable Socket Organizer Tray

It comes with 3 socket rails which can securely 80-pieces of socket effortlessly. If you are looking for a socket organizer for drawer or bench, this Casoman organizer would be a good option. It offers great holding capacity, 80 sockets at a time. And it features a spring-loaded ball bearing clips which hold the sockets very tightly and securely. No socket will fall or get loose even when you hold the tray upside down. Moreover, with this socket organizer, you can use both sides of the rail.

The manufacturer has used high-quality material in the construction just to ensure that this provides optimum service to the user. The rails, tray, and the clips all are made of top-grade ABS that offers good durability. This organizer is suitable for all deep or shallow SAE or metric sockets, the suitable sizes are, 26 x ¼-inch, 30 x 3/8-inch, and 24 x 1/12-inch.

Plus, the manufacturer has kept the price pretty reasonable, making it affordable for everyone. However, there is one that isn’t satisfying which is putting the sockets. There is some socket organizer when you can put the sockets effortlessly. But with this very Casoman organizer you will have to give little effort in order to store sockets in there. Having that said, once it is stored properly, there is no way that will come off without your consent even when the situation is extreme.

The Pros

  • It can hold 80 sockets.
  • Holds sockets very securely.
  • Constructed with top-grade material.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Extremely portable.

The Con

  • Putting the socket it takes little effort.

4. Olsa Tools Magnetic Portable Socket Organizer Tray

Here comes the last socket organizer from Olsa and yet another versatile one. As the name suggests, it is a magnetic socket organizer. The best part of magnetic organizers is putting the sockets is very easy and the magnet doesn’t let the socket go very easily. Even in harder conditions, the socket will remain organized in the organizer, thanks to the ultra-strong rare earth neodymium magnet.

Well, if you have a lot of sockets then this might not be a suitable option for you. It has the capacity to hold on 22 sockets, so if you have more, you will have to opt for a different one. And if you already own a big capacity organizer, you can pick this magnetic one for portability.

You wouldn’t always need all your sockets, so when you are going somewhere pick only the needed one in this organizer. It is extremely easy to carry and keeps the sockets secure as well. It is suitable for shallow ½-inch drive SAE and deep adapters, metric sockets, and extensions.

It features a well-designed handle which makes carrying the organizer easier. You can mount the organizer is any steel, it will hold on strongly. Olsa always has been committed to the top-notch quality and they offer lifetime limited warranty for their products. So if you are worried about the quality of this socket organizer, don’t! It will deliver great value for the money.

The Pros

  • Magnetic socket organizer.
  • Holds all the socket securely.
  • Easy to put sockets.
  • Highly durable.

The Con

  • Small socket holding capacity.

5. WXTOOLS 80-Pcs Iron Premium Quality Adjustable Socket Holder

And the last socket organizer of the list, the WXTOOLS 80 iron premium quality socket. It is a pretty innovative socket holder. Looks pretty good and constructed with good material as well. If you have a lot of sockets that are looking for a secured organizer, the WXTOOLS 80 iron premium quality socket would be a good catch for you. It can hold 80 sockets of different sizes.

It features 26 x ¼-inch, 30 x 3/8-inch, and 24 x ½-inch drive ball bearing clips, and thanks to these, because these are what ensures that all the sockets in the organizer are secured even in rough condition. The manufacturer has used top-grade aluminum anodized rails, ABS clips which are impact-resistant, all these together makes this is an incredibly durable socket organizer.

There are some organizers which cannot hold sockets of all brands, they have brand limitations. But with this very organizer, you are not going to experience that kind of issue. It suitable for all kinds of brands, whether it is Craftsman, Matco, Snap-on, Mac, or any other brand, you can use this organizer on that. And lastly, the price is very reasonable, affordable for everyone.

The Pros

  • Very easy to carry.
  • Can be mounted in a drawer or bench.
  • Holds all sockets securely.
  • 80 socket holding capacity.
  • Affordable price.

The Con

  • According to a few users, this one doesn’t last long.

Benefits of Using a Socket Organizer

Well organized

The reason why most people opt for and should opt for socket organizers is the ability to organize sockets nicely. A good organizer will organize sockets in such an order that will definitely increase your work efficiency.


If you own a lot of different types of sockets, then an organizer is a must for you. Sockets are small and since there are a lot of other tools as well, you might not get your eyes on the right one at the right time. Sometimes small items blend with other tools and you don’t see it even when that item was always there in front of you. These incidents are very normal.

However, a socket organizer can get you rid of that. It takes a lot of time to search for the right socket, an organizer will eliminate the issue completely. You can get a well organized socket set with an organizer that will save you from a lot of irritation.


Socket organizers come into play when you have to work in a different place and have to carry the sockets. There are some portable organizers that are lightweight, small-sized, and locks the sockets pretty well. So doesn’t matter how you carry the organizer, every socket will remain in its place.

How to Choose the Best Socket Organizer? 

Obviously, you can’t rely on luck fully, there are ways through which you can ensure that you are getting your hand on the right socket organizer. That is what we will be telling in this very section. There are a few factors that you would want to consider right before making a purchase decision. Here are them!


This is the very first factor you need to think about. There are different types of socket organizers, not all work in the same way. So in order to determine which want would suit you, you have to know about all the types. There are 5 types of socket organizers, we discussed broadly about each of them. Take a look!

Tray Socket Organizer

This is the most common and widely used type. It is a very simple organizer that serves pretty well. As the implies, it is a tray style organizer, all the sockets are organized on tray very securely. Some come with a handle and some not. Tray style organizers can be mounted in drawers and benches. Or they can be handed upside down on walls as well.

If the holding ability of the organizer is up to the mark, it wouldn’t drop a single socket doesn’t matter how you mount it.

Rail Socket Organizer

As the name suggests, this organizer consists rail system, one side of the rail slides over the other rails. And then when sockets are put, the hook catches the socket drive and holds the socket. Rail socket organizers are famous for their high capacity, most of them come with a big number of socket holding capacity.

Compared to other socket organizers, it is a little complex to put the socket in rail style socket organizer. And it is a little time consuming as well. But once the rail hook catches the socket drive properly it doesn’t let it go easily unless you want.

Magnetic Socket Organizer

Well, this one has a separate fan base. As you have already guessed, this organizer is integrated with a magnet, and that is what holds the sockets securely. Since wrench sockets are highly attracted to the magnet for obvious reason, they remain organized pretty well in every situation.

The design of this organizer is a tray where there are some holes and every hole is integrated with magnets. So when sockets are inserted there, magnet easily holds it. The more you insert the sockets inside the hole, the more strongly magnet can hold. There are different sizes of holes so that you can organize different sizes of the socket.

Magnetic organizers come in different shapes and sizes, there is an option for everyone. These socket organizers are very simple and most of the time these come at an affordable price. People who are in a tight budget, magnetic socket organizers could be a great option for them. They are highly portable.

Pouch Socket Organizer

It is basically a pouch that is integrated with socket clips, and you store the sockets there. Pouch organizers also come in different sizes and shapes.

The best part of this organizer is they come at a really affordable price though this organizer isn’t suitable for the professionals. Because it is less efficient and keeping different size sockets are a little messy and time-consuming. Plus, doesn’t offer high socket storing capacity and cannot keep sockets in place for a long time. Anyone who is looking for a very simple socket organizer for a few amount of sockets, they should go for this.

Drawer Insert organizer

If you own a lot of sockets, then you should go for the drawer insert organizer. You cannot carry it to different places like a tray or magnetic or pouch socket organizer. This one is designed to be mounted on the drawer. It is very large which is obvious since it organizes a lot of sockets. Plus, it is heavy as well. However, the best part is, every socket remain on the place and the organizer lasts very long.


After you have sorted the type, now the next thing that requires attention is the capacity. Socket organizers come with different capacities. And you have to make sure you pick the right capacity.

If you occasionally work with sockets and have very less amount of them, then you don’t need a high-capacity socket organizer. Pick one that comes with 20 or 30 socket holders. You can go for a pouch socket holder or magnetic socket holder. They are affordable and best for people who occasionally use wrench sockets.

On the other hand, if you are professional then you seem to have a lot of sockets messing around you. In that case, go for the higher capacity. If you have 80 sockets go for one that comes with 100 socket holders. Since you are professional, you might add more sockets in the future so planning for that would be wise.

Tray socket organizers and drawer insert socket organizers should be suitable for professionals. They offer great capacity.


Question yourself, would you be requiring to move to different places with the set of the sockets? If yes, then you definitely have to choose a portable socket organizer. Drawer insert socket organizers aren’t an option if you are looking for a portable organizer. They can’t be taken out of the drawer.

There are some tray, magnetic, pouch socket organizers that offers good portability. What you have to look for is, check the size, do not go for big sized organizers, they would require big space and tend to be heavier as well. Choose a lightweight and small size socket organizer. Plus make sure that comes with a convenient handle as well.


You wouldn’t want hassle when putting a socket on the socket holder so you have to choose one that delivers you to comfort of satisfying use. Plugging the socket onto the socket organizing clip shouldn’t be a complex process, it should be very easy so that you can efficiently work.

Having that said, there is some socket organizer that features a twist and lock mechanism. The reason behind this is a secured hold on the socket. If you are picking a portable socket organizer make sure that comes with this system. In this, you plug the socket by twisting it. The clip locks the socket, so doesn’t matter how you carry the organizer not a single socket will leave its place. Not even when you will run holding the organizer upside down.

Socket Size

There are different sizes of sockets, and you should be able to plug all the sockets. Some organizers come with size and brand limitations, make sure you sort that issue before you purchase. Take a look at the socket sizes that you own, check the brand, and then pick a socket organizer that will be able to accommodate all your sockets.


Another highly important factor that one should consider before purchasing a socket organizer is the durability. Not only this, before buying anything ensure that will last enough to satisfy you. The socket organizer you are picking ensures that is made of top-quality material so that it would be durable. If the material is weak, then you cannot expect the final product to be durable.

For socket organizer, ABS material is highly durable and popular. It is an extremely durable material and lasts longer as well. So go for this. Apart from this, there is some socket organizer made of metal, they also serve pretty well. However, there is another way that can save you from wasting your bucks, buy from well-reputed popular brands such as Osla. And choose one that comes with a good warranty. So if something goes wrong you can get a full refund.


If you have plan to use a socket organizer for a long time, then we urge you not to go after cheap models. There are people who go after price instead of the quality, do not do that if want to be on the winning side in the long run. Cheap models are cheaper for a reason, they lack something crucial that’s why they are low-priced.

Don’t get intimidated by the price, as long as the quality is top-notch you should be okay. Because you will be enjoying its company. Low-quality organizers will come at a very low price and in the long run, you will end up spending more money. So better get started with the top-notch one.

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Additional Tips

If you want the socket organizer to last long, then you will have to maintain it well. For maintenance we have mentioned some tips below, follow those. Also, we have posted a tip about increasing efficiency as well.

When working hands might get very greasy or dirty and so is the socket.

  • Make sure before you put sockets back on the organizer, you clean both the socket and hands properly. If grease remains on the socket that can cause issues in locking. Especially if you are using a twist and lock system organizer.
  • If you have different sizes of sockets and the organizer you use doesn’t come with marking, the could be confusing. In that case, you can use a sticky note to mark the sizes. Best would be using different color notes for different sizes and brands.
  • Make sure you clean the socket organizer twice in a month at least. Organizers like tray, magnetic, pouch, they accumulate dirt, debris pretty quick. So not cleaning them can hamper the socket locking system.
  • In no way let water accumulate inside the socket clips or the corners of the organizer. Accumulated water can cause mold build-up which will look extremely nasty.


Though all of these are among the best portable socket organizers but we like the Olsa socket tray organizer series most. You will get two variations, one with 50 sockets holding capacity and another with 80. The price isn’t high and nor low. The manufacturer has priced it fairly so it is a win-win for both parties.

However, we have tried our best to bring the top-rated models of the market in front of you. Hope it helps.